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© 2012 Red Slider Films LLC. All videos, characters and illustrations were made with love in Collingwood, Ontario. We hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Animated Explainer Video Production

Making Inexpensive Animated Videos That Look Great

Inexpensive animated videos need not look cheap.

A low budget animated video does not have to be a low quality animated video. Most video production companies get by selling poorly produced videos thrown together by inexperienced staff or even overseas outsourcers. The results are invariably substandard and an embarrassment for the client.

A mediocre video reflects badly on the client company.

Our clients get the production value of commercial quality video that makes their message stand out in the marketplace, yet our budgets are often less than our competition.

Our videos make our clients and their message look good!

At Red Slider Films we draw upon the vast experience of our group to produce exceptional quality videos for far less than our competition. We do not support a staff of untrained workers to make our product. Our group is made up of only highly experienced professionals.

Contact us to get a free consultation and find out how we can bring your message to life!

Speak to Tracey on 1 (800) 610-5405

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