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Animated Explainer Video Production

Making an Effective Animated Explainer Video

I was asked recently to quantify what makes our explainer videos effective.

In fact, two essential things have to work together to make a video work.

The most important thing is for the video to capture the viewer and make them want to watch. People naturally gravitate towards narrative. We like to be told a story, so a message imparted in an interesting way is going to be much more engaging.

Secondly, the information must be presented concisely. Ambiguity and redundancy will disengage the viewer and result in them clicking off of the video part way through. Most explainer videos aren’t watched past the halfway point.

Videomakers who do not observe these fundamental disciplines fail because the viewer abandons it part way in or simply does not grasp the message.

We at Red Slider Films are passionate about what we do and take pride in delivering a superior product. Call us today to see how we can help you promote your message through the use of a professionally hand crafted video!

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